Three refreshing non-alcoholic drinks to try this summer

Bat’s Black Coffee Soda, Bat Soda

We appreciate the unusual sparkling soda popping up on the shelves these days. Here is one from a local manufacturer, Danielle Glasky from Bat, beats Soda. In 2019, she created this coffee soda using flash infused iced coffee and adding carbonation, a little sugar and a pinch of salt. Refreshing in itself, it also makes a great blender. Spiller Park used it to make his crème de java, a rich combination of coffee and chocolate, and Glasky created a holiday cocktail of curacao, apple brandy, and his soda. We bet you’ll think of other ways to enjoy it, besides drinking it straight out of the can. Glasky also offers seasonal flavors, like its Bitter Hibiscus Rhubarb Soda and Gore Cola, but coffee is the one that is available year round.

$ 16 per pack of four 12-ounce sodas; $ 60 for a case of 24 cans of 12 ounce soda. Available at Kelly’s Market, Candler Park Market, Videodrome, Little’s Food Store, Elemental Spirits, Sean’s Harvest, Grant Park Market, Spiller Park Coffee, B-side, Treat Yo ‘Shelf Booth on all markets managed by Community Farmers Markets, and to for free delivery to Atlanta.

Husky Sparkling Coffee Fruit Tea. Courtesy of Husky

Credit: Document

Credit: Document

Husky Sparkling Coffee Fruit Tea

Coffee fruit tea, made from the fruits that surround the coffee beans, is becoming a thing. In the case of Florida-based Husky, the coffee is grown at Las Lajas, a certified organic farm in Costa Rica. The beans are harvested and the fruit (the “shell” of this tea’s name), which is often discarded, is instead collected, processed and made into an extract with a floral and fruity taste, with a coffee undertone. Then, Husky brightens up the flavor of the fruit by adding grapefruit, lemon or orange juice (which also brings a little sweetness), as well as sparkling water. The result is three distinct varieties of tea that are high in antioxidants and lightly caffeinated.

$ 13.99 per six pack of 12 ounce cans. Available at

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