UAE company praises PNG coffee at Dubai World Expo

Coffee Podium Managing Director Brandon Mawanda, who spoke at the PNG Investment Forum in Dubai, said the country’s coffee is the best in the world.

Mr Mawanda, after tasting a sample of PNG coffee, said that a key issue to consider is the coffee’s ability to gain trust and build its reputation in the market.

“Coffee Podium is a coffee company based in the United Arab Emirates and is one of the companies that has built a reputation for and understands the demands of the United Arab Emirates market.

Coffee Podium has specialist lawyers and provides lawyer services in addition to training coffee producers, ”he said.

The PNG Expo team shared some of the PNG coffee products with Coffee Podium and they expressed their satisfaction with the premium roasted coffee, saying it was of very good quality.

He added that, however, many customers in the UAE are now switching from exporters to direct-to-farm deliveries.

“The obvious explanation for this change is that farmers earn more for cherry deliveries than for processed door-to-door deliveries because they don’t have to absorb the weight loss associated with drying,” he said. .

Mr Mawanda said this is the reason why the government will have to continue investing in the construction of rural infrastructure to meet the growing demand for cherry deliveries.

The managing director of a Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirates company, Arabian Farms, a leading egg production company, Dr Suheel Ahmed, presented the company’s operations and how the business is more dependent on importing chicken feed.

He said that although the company produces an annual capacity of 140 million eggs, it mainly relies on corn and corn imported from other countries.

Dr Ahmed said that since PNG has organic products, they are interested in partnering with PNG to provide animal feed as well as healthy chicken to support their agricultural production.

He invited farmers from Papua New Guinea and said his company was ready to take the talks forward.

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