Ventana Sur, the largest market in Latin America, sets dates and prepares for the first comprehensive regional meeting

Buenos Aires’ South VentanaLatin America’s largest film and television market, has set the dates for its 2022 edition, which promises to be the first full meeting of its burgeoning regional industry in three long years.

From Monday November 28 to Friday December 2, Ventana Sur also launched a call for applications for Proyecta, its film co-production forum organized by the Cannes Film Market and the San Sebastian Festival and targeting first or second film projects. in development looking for a co-production between Europe and Latin America.

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Launched in 2009, the Cannes Film Festival/Film Market initiative, organized in partnership with the Argentinian agency INCAA, promises to be essential for regional reconstruction in Latin America.

This also affects the industry as it is driven by opposing pressures. Many cinema and TV professionals are anxious to curb non-essential travel. Yet the film and television industries are being positioned by regional and national governments in Latin America as a priority growth sector for post-pandemic recovery.

In Ventana Sur’s biggest new funding initiative, for example, Agavia Studios in Guadalajara, the Film Commission of the Mexican state of Jalisco and VS’ blood window are launching Oscura Tinta, a screenplay competition for fantasy/horror feature films, with a cash prize of $25,000.

As highlighted by the top 13,400 accreditations ever at the Annecy Festival last month, executives are eagerly exploring opportunities for growth in an increasingly complex international market.

Latin America’s presence in European markets this year has been hampered by the escalating cost of air travel, with many airline tickets now doubling pre-pandemic prices. Many will find the cost of travel to Buenos Aires much more affordable.

Sublime - Credit: Credit: Meikincine

Sublime – Credit: Credit: Meikincine

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One stop shop

Thus, post-pandemic, Ventana Sur underscores its unique position in Latin America as the industry’s one-stop-shop with unparalleled attendance figures.

As in all previous editions, screenings will take place at Cinemark Puerto Madero and the UCA Complex Market in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, a five-minute walk away, with the two venues forming a compact, easy-to-work-with triangle with the chic but comfortable Hotel Madero, home to many Ventana Sur customers.

Starting in 2009, when Ventana Sur launched its Primer Corte pix-in-post screening tier – featuring Michael Rowe’s “Leap Year,” which went on to win the Cannes Camera d’Or award for Best First Feature the following May – Ventana Sur has launched a bouquet of forums targeting vital growth opportunities for its delegates: First Blood Window; then Animation!, organized with the Annecy Festival; and then Projecta. Ventana Sur has steadily built a TV strand from early editions, producing SoloSerieS, a Netflix-backed drama series project competition. In 2021, he launched Las Maquinitas, a pioneering video game exploring synergies with the film and television sectors.

“After a 2020 online and hybrid 2021 edition, we are delighted to be able to resume our usual activities in Buenos Aires. The Latin American market is teeming with creativity and the market for independent financing and sales is still incredibly fertile, making Ventana Sur a must-see for everyone in the sales, production and production industry. distribution of content, said Jérôme Paillard, co-director of Ventana Sur,

He added, “With both a co-production forum and a TV arm in addition to its thriving film market, Ventana Sur is the ultimate all-in-one stop on your year-long festival and market circuit. We look forward to welcoming long-time partners back and welcoming new participants.

Bullish attendance figures

Ventana Sur has also released bullish attendance figures for its most recent editions that other events in Latin America can only dream of.

Launched to increase sales of Latin American films as the region increased production levels, Ventana Sur quickly attracted hundreds of often young producers seeking co-production opportunities. They in turn have proven to be magnets for directors and writers. Hence the current composition of Ventana Sur delegates. In 2019, Ventana Sur had 2,600 attendees, including 425 non-Latin American international professionals. Participants included 425 distributors, VOD platform managers, commercial agents, 70 festival programmers, 80 financiers and decision-makers, 1,100 producers and 900 directors and screenwriters. 359 films and projects were presented. The COVID-19 editions were tied, with 2,500 online participants in 2020 and 2,657 for the 2021 hybrid edition.


Dizziness a multitude of offers were announced at Ventana Sur last December, many involving SVOD platforms – Netflix, HBO Max – or their production studios – VIS or Pantelion. Apart from closing or unveiling deals, Ventana Sur is a one-stop-shop in other ways as well.

“The event allows me to establish my program for Latin America for the whole year”, declared the director of the San Sebastian Festival, José Luis Rebordinos.

Fest programmers identify titles for upcoming editions, with Primer Corte titles “Sublime” and “Fogareu” being chosen for Berlin this year, while Proyecta “1976screened at the Directors’ Fortnight.

More than anything else, though, Ventana Sur empowers buyers, growers, and creatures to forge relationships that will stick with them through the coming year. In that sense, Ventana Sur lasts well over five days under the delicious Argentinian summer sun.

Fogareu - Credit: MPM PREMIUM

Fogareu – Credit: MPM PREMIUM


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